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Atlas Anamorphic Cinematic Lens set with PL Mount to rent in Algarve

Anamorphic lenses to rent in Algarve



Atlas Anamorphic Lens set with 32mm, 50mm & 80mm T.2 metric with PL mount for Alexa, Red & Mavo

Why CinemaScope?

With an anamorphic lens you have the same vertical field of view as that of a spherical lens of the same focal length, but with twice the horizontal field of view (2X). For example a 50mm 2x Anamorphic Lens will have a 50mm vertical FOV with 25mm equivalent horizontal FOV: you can capture a wide-angle image with the inherent shallow Depth of Field qualities of a telephoto prime lens. This optical property creates a unique sense of perspective magnification which generates depth in your images.