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Film Co-Production with Film Algarve

If you have an indie film project to submit to Film Algarve for co-production, make sure about our minimal requirements you should have already set:

  1. Film title and Logline
  2. One and a four pages synopsis
  3. Script at list 90 pages long
  4. Business plan with at list 25% of the total budget covered
  5. Moodboard presentation
  6. Cover 25% of our budget costs if we agree on the co-production deal.
  7. 25% share of the distribution benefits

What we offer: Project development in Yamdu, full equipment available in our rental section, transport and crew and if needed as well a DoP and a Film Director, all included in our budget. At extra charge, we can also offer catering service, casting service, locations scouting and getting shooting permits, as well editing, color grading, subtitles and submission to film festivals.


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